Filter for private pools. Made with industrial standards, reinforced fiberglass tank. UV resistant treatment. Higher filtration bed. Better filtration quality. Filter diameter: 510, 620, 750, 900 and 990mm. Includes pressure gauge and 1 1/2” 6-way valve for diam. 510 and 620mm, 2” for diam. 750 and 900mm. The model diam. 990mm has a connection by a 3-piece link to glue diam. 75mm, does not include selector valve. The model diam. 620 can be served with a 2” valve.

  • Top lid of easy opening.
  • Folding diffuser to facilitate the loading of filtrant media.
  • Drain set designed to facilitate the emptying of water and sand.
  • Internal air purge to prevent the formation of air bubbles inside the filter.