VSD Expert


The new variable speed drive, fitted to the VSD EXPERT pump, is a new speed control device for pumps, the aim of which is to provide great comfort and reduce energy costs as much as possible, in addition to presenting the following advantages:


3 configurable from keyboard
Possibility of modifying the 3 operating speeds which are, by default, V1 = 950 rpm, V2=1400rpm and V3=2800rpm.

5 daily configurable cycles
It is possible to program up to 5 filter cycles per day, adjusting the speed independently for each cycle.

Filter cleaning program
By means of a specific button, a simple on-screen wizard will help you to clean the filter.

Illumination control
Using a specific button and also through the configuration menu, it is possible to program the lighting of the swimming pool daily, with a clock independent of the one used for filtering (a transformer table, not included, is necessary).

Fully autonomous system
When the AUT button is pressed, the pump turns on and off according to the programmed filter cycles, each at a set operating speed for each cycle.

SKIMMING function
Automatic and user-configurable system, very useful for cleaning the water surface. From the configuration menu, you can indicate the speed of the pump, how often it should be activated and for how long.

Fully adaptable system
It has 2 inputs for external control which allow to configure a specific speed for each input. It also has 2 outputs to activate the salt chlorinator and the pump status.

The system incorporates a simple start-up wizard where you just have to program:

  • Current date
  • Current time
  • Interface language
  • Nominal consumption of the motor
  • Direction of rotation of the motor

No variable speed pumping system has ever been so quick and easy to program.